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Okay, now you've put together a high-quality, long-lasting exhaust system, but the heat is just unbearable.

What do you do?

Pick up the phone and call Applegate Industrial Materials to order our Thermal Insulation Blanket (TIB).

Our TIB is made of a high purity Alumina-Silica Ceramic Fiber blanket and a woven Fiberglass Impregnated with Silicone Resins. The blanket is firmly stitched with Kevlar thread and is reusable. It resists damage, absorbs sound and is suitable for operating temperatures up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. If TIB becomes wet, from water, steam, or oil, its thermal and physical properties are restored after drying.

Our TIB also meets the U.S. Coast Guard's noncombustibility requirements, as per U.S.C.G. #164.009. Our TIB is sold in 18-inch-wide rolls double-stitched every 6 inches for ease of installation.

Looking for a custom-sized Thermal Insulation Blanket for, oh say, your Turbo and muffler?

No problem, just call your Customer Service Representative at Applegate Industrial Materials with your dimensions and/or model number, and we will be happy to make a custom Thermal Insulation Blanket just to fit your needs.

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