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An Expansion Joint is a flexible seal. The flexible element is an engineered product designed to absorb thermal growth and movements in a piping or ducting system. The specific application frequently dictates the use of either a metal or fabric element.

The advantages of metal expansion joints:

- Can be designed for liquid or gaseous media

- Can withstand large temperature extremes, including cryogenic

- High pressure capability

- Non-Combustible

- Completely gas and liquid tight

- Two-ply testable capability

- Cost efficient for small piping systems when movement is minimal

- No maintenance


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The advantages of fabric joints:

- Cost efficient for large ducting systems

- Large movement capabilities

- Lower initial design costs

- Ability to absorb torsion

- High corrosion resistance

- Vibration isolation

- Negligible spring force

- Accommodates large misalignments in ducting systems

- Easy replacement of just the fabric element


Applegate Industrial Materials offers a complete line of both
metal and fabric expansion joints in a wide range of shapes and styles to fit most any application.



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