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An Expansion Joint is a flexible seal. The flexible element is an engineered product designed to absorb thermal growth and movements in a piping or ducting system. The specific application frequently dictates the use of either a metal or fabric element.

The advantages of metal expansion joints:

Can be designed for liquid or gaseous media

Can withstand large temperature extremes, including cryogenic

High pressure capability


Completely gas and liquid tight

Two-ply testable capability

Cost efficient for small piping systems when movement is minimal

No maintenance


Photos and Other Specs Including Custom Orders

The advantages of fabric joints:

Cost efficient for large ducting systems

Large movement capabilities

Lower initial design costs

Ability to absorb torsion

High corrosion resistance

Vibration isolation

Negligible spring force

Accommodates large misalignments in ducting systems

Easy replacement of just the fabric element


Applegate Industrial Materials offers a complete line of both
metal and fabric expansion joints in a wide range of shapes and styles to fit most any application.



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